Like practically every other mode of travel right now, Uber fares are obscenely overpriced. The recent spike in gas prices has only worsened the problem. In March, rideshare apps implemented a surcharge for customers, but now, Uber is finally gearing up to end its fuel fee on delivery orders, at least.

Even though gas prices are still rising, Uber is discontinuing its $0.45 fuel surcharge for delivery orders beginning June 15. The company is, however, maintaining its $0.55 fee on rides, for the time being, Business Insider reports.

“We are extending the gas surcharge until June 15 for Eats couriers but do not plan to continue it past that date,” a spokesperson told the site. “This change will not affect drivers on Uber rides who will continue to get the gas surcharge as we evaluate alternative options.”

Uber Eats competitor DoorDash has similarly ended its own program, which previously gave Dashers a weekly $5 bonus if they traveled over 100 miles. Initially, the program was intended to last “at least through April” but was nixed by May.

However, according to Travel + Leisure, DoorDash did extend another gas relief program, which allows drivers to pay with their DasherDirect prepaid business Visa debit card and get 10% cashback on gas. That was extended through August 31.

“The fact is, we’re the only delivery company to extend our gas rewards program as prices continue to rise, offering 10 [percent] cash back on gas purchases through the end of the summer,” a spokesperson for DoorDash told the outlet. “We’re proud to support Dashers and appreciate their direct feedback in shaping this next phase of the program.”

*By Megan Schaltegger, Thrillist*

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