Interested in driving for Uber? It probably helps to have an idea of how much you can make chauffeuring passengers around in your city.

Uber’s pay structure means that number can vary greatly. Driver pay is calculated by adding a location-specific per-mile and per-minute rate on top of a standard fare in addition to other factors, according to Uber. But there is some data out there that gives us some sense of what drivers can bank.

How much do Uber drivers make?

In April 2021, Uber reported median hourly earnings before tips for drivers in major American cities as demand for the service rose with the arrival of COVID-19 vaccines. It noted that driver earnings were experiencing a temporary spike due to the smaller supply of people driving on the platform at that point in the pandemic.

According to Uber, drivers saw the highest hourly earnings in New York City at $37.44. Earnings ranged between $22 and $27.50 in Orlando, Tampa Bay, Houston, Boston, Dallas, Atlanta, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Miami. In Chicago and Philadelphia, drivers earned $30.49 and $32.60, respectively.

*By Orlando Mayorquin, USA TODAY*

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