This is not the normal gig economy article that you usually find on this website, but its relevant in that two gig economy ‘YouTube Creators’ have teamed up to bring you something different.

Both ‘Creators’ are big in the YouTube on-demand app-based gig economy space.

Pedro ‘DoorDash’ Santiago, who has over 25,000 subscribers and puts out new content daily on YouTube (   Pedro covers delivery content and more on his channel and has a fan base that is extremely active.

Hannibal is Hungry, who covers everything gig economy and other earning opportunities on YouTube (   Hannibal is known for great content, and mad video editing skills, always leaves you wanting more.

These two creators have joined forces to step away from the gig economy with their new podcast, “The Pedro and Hannibal Podcast”.   Podcast description: Two Hiphop lovers talk about the culture, basketball, fatherhood, mental health, and more.

The podcast debuts tonight at 10pm ESt/7pm PST, but will normally drop weekly on Wednesdays after this week.  You can find them on their new YouTube channel, or on their PodBean audio podcast channel (both links are provided below).

YouTube channel:

Podbean audio podcast:

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