DETROIT — A man on his first day as a DoorDash driver was shot and killed Saturday while delivering an order in Detroit. According to Fox 2 Detroit, Dajour Russ got out of his car to deliver an order in the 1700 block of Bagley around 8 p.m. when someone driving by opened fire at him.

Russ was struck in the foot, but the driver circled back around and shot at Russ again, fatally striking him. A family member was with Russ for his first day on the job, but was not injured in the shooting. Police are working to create a description of the suspect and the vehicle they were in, but have not released any specifics.

Police would not say in the shooting was targeted, but did say it seems “unnatural” for someone to circle back and open fire a second time.

*By Matt Durr, Michigan Live*

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