Happy to have Mike Delivers back on the channel, this time for the roundtable, always fun conversation with Mike around. Join us live EVERY THURSDAY AT 9pm est/6pm pst!!

00:00:00 Intro of the panel and guest Mike Delivers

00:10:00 Cuddling, Touch Therapy, as gig work

00:35:00 Self Driving Food Delivery Robot Crosses Police Line

00:48:15 Uber pays New Jersey $100million for misclassified drivers

00:52:30 Lyft and General Motors

00:55:45 Mike Bisceglia “Mike Delivers” experiences with Uber Eats

01:11:30 Differences over the last 6 months in Gig Delivery Apps

01:16:00 A return to Gig Work?

01:22:00 OUTRO

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