As many of you know I have been collaborating with Tom Kelley on TNC Radio for over a year now every Friday night. We just did the last show of this calendar year, but we will be back the first Friday of 2023.

My request: Between now and the end of the year check out:

*listen to music, great shows, and just a fun and different mix than what some of you are used too. Let’s show our friend Tom that we appreciate all the work he puts into keeping the radio station going. Give it a listen, and if you enjoy it, download the app. Some really great programing over there!

Enjoy the last “Driver Nation” (ALL THINGS GIG ECONOMY & MORE) of the year below, and catch us back live on Friday, January 6th 7pm-9pm est. Remember this is a call in radio show, and we love talking with everyone about all things related to the gig economy and more!

Happy Holidays Everyone From–

TNC Radio, Middleton Technologies (, & Rideshare Rodeo Podcast Brand

One thought on “Last “Driver Nation” show of 2022, and a request

  1. Emmy says:

    I have been listening the last couple days, really enjoy it.

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