Today’s informative episode covers ways to diversify your revenue streams in 2023. Our panel explores off-brand options because as the stats indicate, top gig apps are deactivating drivers without a valid reason. If you have previously tried or are considering working with Spark, Shipt, Cornershop, Rover, Curri, or Dumpling, watch this discussion and share your thoughts below.

00:03:00 Uber Deactivated
00:13:00 Uber Reactivated
00:36:00 Shipt, Cornershop, Spark Apps
00:45:00 Prescription and Alcohol Delivery
00:52:00 Rover, Curri, Dumpling, & Luggage Delivery
01:04:00 Final Thoughts for Gig Workers in 2023
01:10:00 Outro

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