LIVE! Join me & my co-host, Steve “Rideshare Rodeo”, Tuesday, February 7th at 7pm EST for episode 2 of The Dumpling Difference Discussion Show, where we talk all things Dumpling! The dumpling platform supports you becoming a small business owner & true independent contractor, unlike other apps like Instacart & Shipt. Run your own grocery delivery business, YOUR way! Sign up for dumpling today & use code Savvy2023 or Rodeo2023 and get 60 days on the Pro Plan for FREE! (Normally $29 a month!) PLUS pay only $1 for your account setup fee (normally $19.99)!! This is a GREAT deal to get started! Steve and I receive absolutely NOTHING if you use our code, except bragging rights that we brought awesome people to dumpling to conquer the world of grocery delivery!!

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