A woman’s TikTok went viral after she revealed an Instacart fail where a male shopper allegedly delivered heaps of brown ginger instead of the ginger root she ordered.

In the nine-second clip, TikTok user @viviandluong revealed a plastic bag full of ground ginger in several little bags. The content creator told her 31,000 followers that she only asked for one piece of ginger root when she placed an order on Instacart.

The TikToker expressed her frustrations in the caption, writing, “It literally said “GINGER ROOT”… Petition to ban men from Instacart unless they take an incompetence test.”

The Daily Dot reached out to @viviandluong via email and TikTok comment regarding the video. This isn’t the first time a customer has complained about male Instacart shoppers— other creators have gone viral after sharing how their shoppers got them nonsensical substitutionslied about items being out of stock, or straight-up refused to complete their orders.

This TikToker’s video garnered more than 161,000 views as of Saturday, where female viewers agreed with the creator.

“They should really make people take some kind of aptitude test before they work for shopping apps,” one viewer agreed.

“I think the training is actually a good suggestion and they should listen,” a second echoed.

“Heavy on the caption,” a third wrote.

Some even shared their stories of male Instacart shoppers messing up their orders.

“I got sleeping pills once and they were out so he replaced them with caffeine pills,” one user shared.

“I legit asked for ONE bundle of 6 bananas and he brought 6 bundles of 5 bananas,” a second said.

“I asked for a loaf of fresh bread and he said he couldn’t find any and got me a bag of frozen garlic bread Texas toast instead,” a third commented.

However, others jumped to the male shopper’s defense, criticizing the creator.

“As an ex instacart shopper you probably ordered the wrong unit of measurement, and blame the driver. The driver only grab what it says to grab,” one person stated.

“I guarantee you that the replacement or item quantity was given to the shopper by the app. Don’t assume until you’ve done both sides me,” a second criticized. 

“I’m just saying that if you guys want it your way do it yourselves instead of being lazy,” a third condemned.

@viviandluong replied in the comments, writing, “I did… literally said ginger root and my replacement was a refund. He instead got $16 worth of ground ginger & the cost on the app was only supposed to be $2” she said. “Context was provided, instructions just weren’t followed. I’m not too pressed about it, just flabbergasted.”

*By Melody Heald, Daily Dot*

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