This week I am joined by fellow gig worker, Mac, who works in the Portland, Oregon market. Mac is a 6 year veteran gig worker. We discuss the mass deactivations happening on Doordash. The background checks performed by Chekr. Are there people involved when deactivating drivers.

Part 1 of 2, in part 2 we will have David (CEO Para), Marco (@NovaDasher ), Mac (Portland driver), and myself to dig deeper into this issue.

** ALSO PART 2 of 2 **

David, Marco (Nova Dasher), Mac, and myself dive deeper into the mass DoorDash deactivations going on right now. This is the conclusion to last weeks discussion about these ‘no rhyme or reason’ deactivations. NOTE: “Para Rodeo Summit” is scheduled for Saturday August 5th from 12pm-2pm mst in Denver Colorado. Everyone is welcome to attend and the event is free, if you can’t make it you can watch the ‘Town Hall’ event streaming live on the Rideshare Rodeo YouTube channel. Next week we will release the complete details. STAY TUNED! .:: check out The Drivers Rights movement ::.

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