Last week we saw Atlanta and other cities launch “Uber Teen”. A service where 13-17 year olds can have a sub-account on their parents account. As a rideshare driver since 2015, with a son, this is the MOST dangerous decision the company has ever made. Last week I called three auto insurance companies to ask them how they were feeling about the new “Uber Teen”. None of the companies had any idea, nor did they have a policy that would cover that. Uber states that in Phase 3, which is the phase you pick up passenger and take to destination, that they have you fully covered. Insurance companies argue that often they have to bare the weight of ‘phase 3 rideshare’ incidents, because Uber fights most ‘phase 3’ claims. I asked them how if during ‘phase 3’ involving a minor, would they handle a claim that Uber was not covering the driver. The responses were pretty much identical. Drivers should be talking with their insurance agent/company regarding driving minors, otherwise expect to not be covered by either Uber or your insurance. Last, make sure you get it in writing from your agent how that portion of the policy works.

Here are five more markets launching the feature and the stories they are putting out:

  1. Uber launches teen accounts for rideshare, delivery services:
  2. Uber launches teen accounts in Augusta:
  3. Uber launches teen accounts for Birmingham:
  4. Uber introduces teen accounts in Little Rock:
  5. ‘Teen accounts’ now available to Uber riders in Memphis:

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