Para Town Hall Summit

Rep. Stephanie Vigil,
& Rideshare Rodeo
& Para Works
Sat, Aug 5, 2023
12 pm-2 pm MST

Location: Wash Park Grille:
1096 S Gaylord St
Denver, CO 80209

This event will be unlike anything we have ever done in the Gig economy!

Gig App Workers, Politicians, Union affiliates, Non-Union affiliates, other politicians from both the Left and the Right, Colorado Drivers Co-op leaders, and more will be allowed to join in the discussion.

  • Other states’ legislative successes and failures
  • Why Colorado’s Senate Bill was different than other states, and the importance of Colorado Senate Bill SB23-098
  • SB23-098, also known as ‘The Colorado Gig Workers Bill’, in a nutshell: drivers and customers have the right to complete transparency, removal of acceptance rating, and the right to challenge wrongful deactivation
  • Independent Contractor vs. Employee vs. Hybrid
  • Methodology (ideas) for realistic, better gig worker pay
  • Arming our politicians with true and accurate testimonials from over 60,000+ gig workers in the United States.

    NOTE: if you have not already done so, please add your name to 60K+ gig workers demanding Transparency, the Ability To Use Any/All Tools we choose to do our work, the right to your data, and the right to challenge ‘wrongful deactivations’:

This being a ‘Town Hall’, anyone attending will have the chance to ask questions. This is why it is extremely important that we have all sides represented to discuss moving forward in the gig economy. We need to hear all voices. We also need to arm our politicians with the ‘CORRECT’ information they need to make decisions that reflect the majority of Gig Workers ‘wants’ moving forward.Some of the topics we already have slated for the Town Hall are:This is our chance, and this is our time. We can not change politics, but we surely can and need to make sure our elected officials are properly informed to understand and represent our position correctly!Join us Saturday, August 5th, in person or via live stream on Rideshare Rodeo YouTube channel. Questions, Comments, Concerns?

Welcome to the Town Hall

Steve of Rideshare Rodeo and Para Works is proud to organize a town hall meeting on the day after the conference, Saturday, August 5, 2023. The two-hour town hall meeting will begin at noon sharp and is scheduled to end around 2 pm. All attendees are encouraged to bring their questions and be ready for a great lunch or simply come for a nice time while taking in the event.

Sponsored by

Driver Rights Movement
Rep Stephanie Vigil
Para Works

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