1. TikTokker shares her creepy ‘driverless Uber’ experience. Here’s how it works step-by-step:
    [Mashable full article]
  2. Uber Eats announces ‘industry first’ change its customers will love:
    [The Street full article]
  3. Waabi and Uber Freight partner to accelerate autonomous trucking:
    [TechCrunch full article]
  4. Instacart’s 11% plunge on second day of trading wipes out almost all of its IPO gains:
    [CNBC full article]
  5. Uber Is Set To Roll Out Updates To Its Food Delivery Platform:
    [WFXB full article]
  6. Instacart IPO: Grocery Delivery Giant Makes Its Debut on Nasdaq:
    [Gillett News full article]
  7. Is the 9-5 Lifestyle Over? How the Gig Economy Will Impact the Future of Work:
    [Entrepreneur full article]
  8. Understanding the Self-Employed in the United States:
    [American Progress full article]

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