Car mileage is one of the top things car owners keep an eye on when driving or buying a vehicle… and this is especially true for drivers who are in the ridesharing business.

But unlike picking the best GPS app for your business, selecting the most accurate and effective mileage tracking app can get a bit more difficult.

Fortunately, we took a look at the best ones, and there are a lot of helpful car mileage apps out there that will help drivers keep an eye on their vehicle mileage.

Car Mileage Trackers – Best Apps for iOs and Android

1. Drivvo

The Drivo app is particularly useful for ridesharing drivers, and is one of the best mileage tracking apps out there. Its flagship feature, which provides a detail view of a car’s daily average fuel consumption, can help drivers keep track of gas expenses. This allows Lyft and Uber drivers to maximize their profit when they’re on the road. The feature includes a wide range of fuel such as gas, gas premium, ethanol, diesel, and electric. It can even monitor expenses when tax season rolls around. Drivo also comes with a car mileage input, maintenance records and reminders, distance statistics categorized by day, month, and year, and so much more. Drivvo is free but the Pro version allows users to have a cloud back up, data sync, and 24-hour tech support. It’s one of the best apps for monitoring gas mileage, tracking fuel efficiency, and car maintenance, which will ultimately allow drivers to save on car expenses.

2. DIY Car Maintenance App

Vehicles require maintenance when it reaches a certain car mileage. For instance, an oil change and a washer fluid level check are needed when a car hits the 5,000 miles mark. The DIY Car Maintenance App is a great help for drivers wanting to tackle the task themselves. The app provides a step-by-step tutorial with images on a lot of repairs. Changing engine oil, cabin filter, and checking car fluid are just some of them. Another benefit of this app is it can operate without data, meaning drivers can conduct maintenance as long as they have the app on their smartphone, even if they have no service! CAR TIP – In the past, car maintenance best practices consisted of changing the oil every 3,000 miles. However, due to more efficient modern fuel, the 3000-mile recommendation should be pushed to the 5,000 to the 7,500-mile mark. Conducting an oil change below 5,000 is now considered overly cautious and a waste of resources.

3. Just Drive

What makes this app great is it has a user-to-group interface, meaning it helps drivers connect with others who have the same vehicle as them. This makes it easier to diagnose problems and quickly find solutions for them. The Just Drive app is device agnostic; available on both Apple and Android platforms. It also contains interactive maps that let drivers locate car services around their area. Drivers can log in replaced parts, and track what vehicle mileage the car had when a certain maintenance was conducted. Another key benefit of the Just Drive App is it’s designed to reduce the amount of interaction the driver has to take. Despite that, the driver is still able to maximize his experience on a daily basis.

4. Car Problems & Repair

Most car maintenance apps lack the ability to provide info on a wide arrange of vehicles. Car Problems & Repair is not among these apps, which gives it an edge over its competitors. This app covers Audi, Cadillac, Mercedes, BMW, Hyundai, and Toyota vehicles, to name a few. Data regarding vehicle damage is divided into a variety of categories and sub-categories. After a diagnosis, the app then recommends possible fixes for the existing problem. It covers damage from engine cooling and battery system failure, to air conditioning and transmission and clutch problem.

5. Free Car Maintenance myCARFAX

myCARFAX is a car management app which helps driver oversee vehicle maintenance, such as oil, tires, brakes, filters, and inspections. It even has a feature which alerts users if it’s time to renew their registration. Another helpful feature is its mechanic search interface. One of the complaints of users, however, is they can only search mechanics that are on the CarFax network. Still, the app is pretty popular among drivers with 4.6 ratings on Google Play.

6. IFixIt

IFixIt isn’t exclusively for cars. This app is quite expansive given it also encompasses device and gadget repairs. However, it’s just as useful as the standard car maintenance app. One strength that this app has over the others is that users are able to share DIY guides with others. That means if a driver has a particular problem, he or she can peruse others’ instructions that might help fix the issue. Simply look at it as a new pair of eyes offering a different perspective on a particular problem. It’s also free!

7. Car Minder Plus – Car Maintenance and Gas Log (MPG)

Car Minder Plus is another app that provides maintenance reminders and tracks driver’s fuel economy. It’s able to save data from multiple vehicles and oversees them individually. Upon logging data on the service history, Car Minder will cross-check the information with the service warning. If the cross-verification spots a potential problem, the app will immediately send a notification to the driver.

My Take

All these apps are great resources for drivers operating in the ridesharing industry. It reminds drivers of car maintenance, allowing them to worry about more important things. This, in turn, saves money by keeping their car engine in shape. As the saying goes, “a car will take care of its owner if the owner takes care of its car.” In addition, keeping track of the vehicle mileage is very useful for tax payments. It reduces the driver’s taxes, as well as provides a record of expenses to determine financial gains as a rideshare driver.


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