Uber drivers and deliverers may want in on a debit card that Uber has designed with drivers in mind — if they think the discounts and perks are worth it. The new Uber Visa Debit Card from GoBank is geared toward drivers (including Uber Eats and other delivery service drivers) and offers cash back rewards for gas fill-ups and car maintenance as well as other expenses associated with ride-hailing apps. The card offers 3 percent cash back at Exxon and Mobil gas stations, and 1.5 percent at other gas stations. Discounts at Jiffy Lube and Advance Auto Parts also make sense for a driver putting a lot of wear and tear on their vehicle. Other perks include cash back for Walmart purchases and at Sprint for monthly phone and data bills. And the card includes roadside assistance from Urgent.ly, plus an option to get paid out multiple times a day for driving through the app. Uber drivers are still considered independent contractors, so Uber doesn’t provide any benefits to them. Drivers have to take on any expenses and all the costs of driving on themselves. There’s no sick pay or overtime. So, while the card might seem beneficial, it’s hardly the same as, say, health insurance. On the plus side, the card seems to be pretty straightforward. There’s no minimum balance, no overdraft fees, and no setup, monthly, or annual fees. But here’s the full fine print and terms to really know what’s going on with the card. (Note: Drivers have to start banking at GoBank in order to get the card.) Unlike the Uber Visa credit card for frequent Uber riders that seems to go right back to Uber’s pockets, this new debit card seems more likely to help drivers get discounts on driving expenses if they use any of the discount partner businesses enough. Of course, as with anything, buyer beware. Uber wants drivers using their branded cards—make sure to do the proper research before agreeing.    

~source: mashable

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