A heartbroken family begging for your help after their loved one was killed while driving for Uber Eats. They have very little information about how he died while working to provide for his family. “He didn’t deserve this,” said James Fede’s wife, Ruby. She is hoping and praying for answers. Specifically, she wants answers as who killed James, her husband of just one year. She talked about him and his character at length between tears. “He had so much more life to live and now he doesn’t get to do that because of the act of someone who is out there,” said Ruby. James was driving for Uber Eats on Wednesday when a 911 call was made. First responders found him inside his red Nissan Pathfinder, which according to them was found crashed on 1604 near Graytown road. He died on the way to the hospital. Officials later discovered the Navy veteran, husband and father had a gunshot wound. His family is stunned. “I just can’t imagine who— I just can’t imagine who would do this to my baby cousin,” said Thomas Mesaeos. “My only child and he was such a good man,” said Mary Hannah, James’ mother. “He was so understanding, so patient, so kind, so selfless,” Ruby said. James and Ruby first met in 2003 before reconnecting after her divorce in 2018. She sent him a message on Facebook messenger and they dated long distance before he moved to San Antonio about two years ago. They got married last March and recently bought a house. “He said I had the love of my life when I met Ruby,” said Mary. The family says they know very little about what happened Wednesday night. They don’t even know who made the 911 call. “We had so many plans. He was stolen from us too soon,” Ruby said. Ruby said in addition to being the love of her life James was also an amazing father to her three daughters from her first marriage. Now, the whole family is asking you if you know anything to come forward because they need closure. “Please, please anything any information they can give,” Ruby said. If you would like to help the family financially you can find their GoFundMe link HERE. The Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed this is being investigated as a homicide and that James was shot in the chest.

*By Amanda Henderson, News 4 San Antonio*

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