Uber Lyft Drivers & Gig Economy Workers Weekly News:     This week I have Willy Solis on the podcast.   Willy and I both agree on the right to be Independent Contractors, we have different opinions on the ProAct, in past episodes we have shown that both sides need to talk to make real changes.   This week we find ourselves fully aligned, we discuss the ongoing saga of app-based gig worker “Transparency”.   Gig workers with different views are aligning on this push on DoorDash, this is different because they have the information and are NOT showing the Dashers.    DoorDash dropped tons of money to pass Prop 22, now they are going back on their promise but NOT being transparent.   We can’t be employees and I.C.’s DoorDash!   DD needs to decide which model they want to follow.   Stealing and hiding necessary information from Dashers on the platform is playing both sides though, AND that will NOT be accepted by anyone!    Whether you are one of the 200,000 Dashers who have downloaded the PARA app or not, this is the follow up piece to last week.   ALL on-demand delivery SaaS platform workers should listen to this week and last week to TRULY know what PARA is up too!   Be safe out there y’all–!!!  


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