In this episode of Rideshare Rodeo, I am very excited to have Matt Spoke, CEO/Founder of MOVES. Want to learn everything about MOVES?

We cover it all in this video:

A product exclusively for gig workers

The gig economy isn’t working for its workers. The established companies in this industry have built their businesses primarily thinking about their consumers. As a result, they often overlook their workers. Moves is the product that will prioritize the needs of gig workers.

A collective voice for millions

Since launching, we’ve talked to thousands of gig workers across the country. We’ve heard you talk about flexibility and your pursuit of independence in the gig economy. We’ve also heard what isn’t working.

A gig economy owned by its workers

Our mission starts by serving gig workers and standing for your collective interests, but we won’t stop until we’ve fundamentally changed the math in your favor.

The gig economy will continue to grow and generate enormous value in an increasingly modern world. We believe that value belongs to you.

Over the coming months, we’ll be sharing more about how we’re unlocking that ownership by using innovative technologies that put gig workers in the driver’s seat.

Check out the blog series to get some hints about where we’re heading:

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